If you seek financial domination or Findom, then I already know more about you than you care to admit.  I know you seek a special sort of control that only a woman like Me can offer.  I know you seek a higher purpose that only comes from handing over your hard earned cash to a Superior Woman who deserves the finest things in life, while you toil away solely to make Me happy.

I know you want that moment of dread and elation when I divert My attention away from My world and focus briefly on you, a worthless paypig who needs to be controlled by a Beautiful Woman to feel complete.  you will give Me your money, not because I need it, but because you know, deep down in your soul, that making Me happy is your higher purpose.

Don’t worry.  I know what you need too and between emails, phone sessions and live webcam sessions (which you will gladly pay for), I will put you in your place and have you do the most degrading things to please and entertain Me (and My girlfriends).  I will tell you stories of how I have used your money to buy clothes and toys (if you’re lucky, I may send you a photo).  I will make you a quivering shell, grateful for any attention I give you, and longing to contribute more and more.

The last decision you make is to apply for financial servitude, after that, I will take control, both of your money and that little worm between your legs.  It all starts with your application fee to get the link to My Findom application page.  I know you’re already getting a pathetic stiffy thinking about filling out that application, so get to it!

You can also go directly to the page for the application fee here.

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