My dungeon is open and ready for your session, but I am still making the final touches. It is a five room facility in South Oklahoma City.

When it is completely finished it will feature a play room with a St. Andrews Cross, a spanking bench a throne and several other pieces to keep you in line. I also have an office, that doubles as a meeting room and a role-playing room, if you'd like to be put in your place by your hot boss. There will be a transformation room for all you "girls" out there and a bedroom for role-play, or for weekend-long sessions! Finally I will have a room that I can turn into an interrogation room, or a school room, or anything else I need to pull off the right session.

If you have carpentry skills, or the ability to make toys (like whips, paddles, stocks, cages, etc.) and want to be My bitch, I may be willing to trade your creations for My time.

Please contact slave x to discuss your trade ideas.



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